Delhi Auto dealers are pushing for a “transport for the whole community” that would be based on “commute” rather than car-share.

The Delhi Auto Dealer Association (DADA) has submitted a draft plan to the state government that would see the private sector set up a fleet of vehicles for people to rent, similar to how Uber offers car-for-hire services in cities such as New York, London and Los Angeles.

DADA’s proposal also proposes setting up a car-pooling platform to give people a car to share with others.

While it’s unclear whether the proposed vehicles would be fully autonomous, the association has also put forward a proposal to provide “autonomous vehicle training” to residents.

It also wants a fleet to provide access to taxi drivers who are willing to share their time with people who have to get back to work after hours, and has also suggested using car-to-car services such as Uber and Ola to allow people to commute.DADA chairman Prashant Kumar said in a statement: “The proposal is based on the idea of creating a transport for the entire community.

This would be a carpooling system, which can be used for short-term trips between homes, and can be extended to larger distances if needed.”

Dada’s proposal comes after Uber, Ola and Uber-Taxis in Delhi started offering car-hailing services last year.

Uber’s self-driving cars have been rolling out in the capital in a bid to reduce congestion on city streets and increase mobility.

The service has also been used to deliver people from their homes to work and to the metro.

Ola, meanwhile, has been offering car sharing services in New Delhi since the beginning of the year.

Uber and OLA have been working on the car-rental market in India, which has a population of nearly one billion, but their services are restricted to a select few urban centres, and not available to the public.

Since Uber and other car-riding services are not available in Delhi, many drivers are opting to rent their cars on a free basis.