The car market in Australia is booming and there are already two billion new cars on the road each year, according to the Automobile Association of Australia.

But the cost of new cars can vary dramatically from one state to another.

Here are some of the cheapest car models, and some of their prices.

Car market in NSW The average car in NSW is around $60,000 and ranges from $18,000 to $37,000.

But there are many other cars available.

The cheapest model is a sedan from Holden, which starts at $26,500.

Rural NSW has the second-highest number of cars, with a median price of $23,400, and the highest average price of around $38,000, according the National Land Transport Authority.

“The most popular cars are the four-door Ford Fiesta, the Holden Commodore, the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Yaris,” said Dr Matthew Moxon, a regional director at the Australian Automobile Dealers Association.

But the most popular brand in rural NSW is the Toyota Avalon, which sells for $36,500, and can be had for just $20,000 in rural areas.

The cheapest Toyota Avalon car, which can be bought in the city, starts at just $24,500 and can go up to $45,000 depending on the region.

Most rural NSW residents will pay more than the average in terms of vehicle sales.

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The average car is around £37,400 and ranges between $18.9, £24.9 and £30.9 depending on market, according Toorak Trades Council.

There are also more than 100 new cars being built in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst, according a Toorack Post report.

A new car can go for around $30,000 if bought on the market in a suburb with a population of over 20,000 people.

Other popular models include the Nissan Sentra, Ford Fiesta and Holden Commodore.

New cars and the price of old ones in NSWThe most expensive car in the state is the Mitsubishi Outlander, which goes for $44,500 in Sydney.

On the other hand, the cheapest model can be found in the southern suburbs of Newtown, where the Mitsumos go for just under $23.50.

In the state’s north, the most common car is a Nissan Altima, which ranges from £27,500 to $43,000 with the most desirable model starting at just over $25,000 for the cheapest version.

It is the Holden Cruze, which is a mid-sized car which starts from $30.00.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Mazda3, which will set you back around $37.50, is a small hatchback, but also offers the most options.

And in the South East of the state, the Nissan 370Z is a luxury car with a starting price of just under £35,000 – and is only available with a manual transmission.

Here are some other car models in NSW: The Toyota Prius, which has been popular for many years, is available from around $32,900 in rural parts of NSW.

Nissan’s i-MiEV, which takes the form of a car, can be a surprisingly cheap choice for a small car, with the cheapest starting price being around $19,000 at a regional level.

An Audi Q5 is priced at $39,500 with a $15,000 starting price.

Toyota’s Prius Q is the cheapest of the new car models available, starting from $35,200.

Audi’s Q5, which was unveiled earlier this year, is the highest priced new car in New South Wales.

Ford’s Fiesta ST is a large hatchback that starts at around $26-30,200 depending on price bracket.

Hyundai’s Veloster starts at about $29,200, and Toyota’s FJ Cruiser starts at a hefty $31,200 for a two-seater.

Honda’s Civic Type R is priced around $40,200 in the inner suburbs, and starts at nearly $3500 in the rural towns.

Cars for sale in NSWA recent report by the New South Welsh Government found that the average cost of a new car is just under €12,000 per month, and an average of €19,800 per year in rural New South Wales.

That is almost four times higher than the national average of just €7,400 per month.

The cheapest car in AustraliaA car can cost as little as $17,000-€20,00 in NSW.

The most affordable model is the Renault Clio, which costs around $18-20,