I’ve been told to go to the eye care counter in my local mall, but that’s not how my cat gets my attention.

When she’s in the process of picking out her eye drops, I’ll be there too.

“I think when she’s picking up the eye drops I’m probably going to be in the aisle right now,” she said.

But as soon as I’m done with her, I’m gone.

The only thing keeping me from being a cat person is my cat.

As we discussed, cats don’t really need to be a focus for eye care.

“They just want to be around people,” said Jennifer Cottrell, founder of cat-focused cat-centric pet therapy center, Cat Nation.

Cottrel says that cat people need to feel more connected to their pets.

“When I see someone who has a cat, I just see their cat,” she told me.

“It’s just their cat, and I feel like, okay, there’s something special there.”