It’s the end of the road for Walmart’s top-of-the-line battery pack lineup.

The company has been quietly releasing new products, including the latest Walmart Kids Car battery, which it unveiled on Friday.

The Kids Car is the company’s first battery-powered car, and it offers up to 250 watts of battery power to run the car’s front-facing camera.

This is enough power for the camera to capture video at up to 60 frames per second, but it will also give you up to 2.2 miles of range, which is a lot of range to offer for less than $2,000.

That’s not all, however.

The Walmart Kids car battery has an additional 12 watts of power.

That extra power can be used to power other features in the car like the navigation system, Bluetooth, and the car stereo.

If the Kids Car’s battery runs out of juice, you can charge it through a USB port or by using the car Bluetooth.

The battery is also designed to help with other aspects of driving.

You can add it to your car’s trunk for easy access, or put it in the glove compartment and let it run down the center console while you’re driving.

If you’re still not satisfied with the Kids car’s performance, the company also offers a special version of the car with its own battery pack that can be installed in the front of the vehicle, so you can save money on the cost of a standard battery pack.

Walmart will be offering its new Kids car batteries for about $10,000 in the US.

The batteries are expected to arrive in all of Walmart’s U.S. stores in the first half of next year.

Walmart also unveiled new battery technology for the Kids.

Walmart Kids’ new battery will be a standard lithium-ion battery pack, which means it will have more capacity than other battery packs in the lineup.

It’s a new design for the company that allows the company to improve battery performance without compromising the durability of the existing battery pack or requiring significant additional investment in the battery itself.

The new Walmart Kids battery will have a more powerful design that will allow it to handle longer range, higher battery voltage, and higher temperatures.

Walmart says that the new Kids battery is “capable of delivering a maximum of up to 50 miles of combined range and 30 hours of continuous driving time with one charge.”

This is much more than you can expect from the Kids brand’s other battery pack in the Walmart Family of Vehicles.

The kids car battery pack is expected to be available in the fall.