Posted September 09, 2018 07:02:04 The story behind the car washing at the end of the block has been well documented, but one detail is a bit less well known: It was a one-off project by a couple who worked in a car wash.

In the early 1980s, they got together to take a car out for a drive and they decided to make their own.

They wanted to do something different.

They did a little research and they found a local car wash in their area and began work on a new business.

“It was just a really, really, well done idea,” said David St. John, a local attorney who worked with the St Johns family on the project.

“We did a lot of research, we went to local car dealerships, we talked to people, we did some research.”

They found a car washing that had the right look and the right price tag and a place to be.

St. Johns and his brother-in-law began to build the business.

The St Johns brothers built a big, well-appointed shop on the corner of South Lake Street and Florida Avenue and sold it to a local real estate company, the St. Andrews Development Company.

In 1981, the brothers opened their first store, St.

John’s Auto Wash.

St Johns remembers it as the “biggest deal I’ve ever done,” with a staff of 10 and the store being open for two years.

Today, the store sells more than 50,000 vehicles and carries nearly $50 million worth of vehicles.

“This was just one of those deals,” said St.john, who has since died.

“Our main focus was to make sure that we had the best vehicle wash in the area.

We had to do the job.”

St. johns brother-ins-law, Bill St. Francis, died in 2007.

He died when he was 64 years old, St Johns said.

Bill and his wife were the ones who put the carwash on the map and gave it a name.

“The St Johnss were always very entrepreneurial and very creative,” St. Johnson said.

“They had their own little thing and we wanted to make it work.”

After St. Johnston opened his first store in 1982, he became a regular customer of the St Andrews Development company.

St John’s store was the first one to open in Miami-Dade County and the St Johns’ shop was the last to close.

“There’s a big gap in Miami,” St Johns recalled.

“So we got into that business and the idea started to develop.”

The St John brothers began building the business around the car rental business.

St Francis remembers the St Johans’ idea was to take an old used car and make it look new.

The idea was not new at the time.

The couple’s first car rental store, on Florida Avenue in South Miami, had a lot going for it.

It was well maintained, and they had a good number of customers.

But in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the area around South Lake and Florida was plagued by drug dealers, crack houses and a host of other crime.

Stjohn said he could not afford the rent on his store.

So he went into the car business and began to rent cars to people who wanted to get rid of their vehicles.

He was successful, St John said.

St Johnson says he and his brothers always looked for a way to make money off the car.

“If we couldn’t make money, we would just do something else,” he said.

But the car was a hit with customers.

“I’m a big fan of it.

I just think that they have a knack for it,” he added.

“And that’s how they got their start.”

It took about three years for the St Johnsons to open a second store, a little further up the street, in South Beach.

They began using the car as a way of getting around town.

But there were a few problems.

“Somebody had to be the one to fix that problem,” St John recalled.

St Johnston remembers one day when he realized that he was not being paid on time and that he had to go to the bank to make his rent.

St johns store was closing and the money was running out.

St Jons car was gone.

He had not been paid for nearly two years and had to call the bank.

St Jos’s store, however, was open for business.

Its customers were a different story.

“People were always asking us for money, and we always gave them money,” St john said.

He said that the customer base for his store grew and grew.

Eventually, the car would be sold for $1,500.

St Joseph said that St Johns and St Johns’ brother-an accountant named Scott St Francis, eventually took the car for himself.

St, Francis said that he did not get paid for the car, and