The numbers on rental car rates have gone up, with the most popular car rental brand jumping by 8% and the most affordable car rental company up 5%.

The numbers are based on a survey conducted by the car rental website and the Ford Motor Company, both owned by Ford Motor Co. The company reported a total of 6,746,819 rental car reservations made last year.

The largest rental car company in the survey, the New York-based Hertz, saw a 3% increase, while the most expensive company,, saw an 8% increase.

The car rental industry is in a good place.

A major factor in the increase is the growth in rental car use.

This is the type of car people rent for longer trips or for the weekend, and is also the type people rent in the suburbs.

The rental car boom is fueled by a new, more accessible rental market that is expected to keep growing in the years to come.

The most popular rental car companies reported that there were a total 8,856,964 car rentals made in 2016, an increase of nearly 4% over the year before. saw the largest increase, up 4% to 3.1 million car rentals.

The top three rental companies are: Hertz (up 6% to 4.5 million) and CarRents (up 4% on the year) The average rental price for a car rental in 2016 was $2,966.

CarRental rates are based solely on the rental car’s destination.

For example, a car rented to a family vacation destination in the Northeast will likely cost $1,500 more per day than a rental car rented from the suburbs in the Southeast.

Renters can make payments for car rentals through credit cards or PayPal.

Hertz and CarRs rates vary depending on destination, but the company is offering credit cards and PayPal for all rentals.

CarRs charges are usually about $5 a day or $20 a week.

However, there are exceptions.

Car Rentals offers a 10% discount to Hertz for customers with a Hertz membership, and a 15% discount for people who use PayPal to pay their car rentals in cash.

Rent Cards rates are generally about $8 a day.

Car Rents rates vary based on the company.

The biggest difference is in the number of trips a rental can take, and this is one of the biggest factors driving up rental rates.

Rent Cars rates have more to do with the number and length of trips that are booked.

For the most part, rental companies like Hertz charge a minimum of $1 per trip.

However if a car is booked for more than $1 or more than 30 days, it can be charged an additional $15 per day.

RentRides rates vary with the company, but are generally higher than CarRs.

Rates are typically higher for the shorter duration of a rental, and they typically go up with the length of the rental.

Herts and Carrents rates are the highest.

The average car rental was booked for 4.3 days.

RentBuddy rates are typically the lowest, ranging from $5.75 per day for an average rental to $12.25 per day with a reservation.

Rates vary based of the company and the amount of time that is booked.

If a car has an additional driver, it typically costs $10.00 per day to rent a car.

Hertys rates vary according to the length and number of rental days.

The median rental price is $8,000 per rental day, and car rentals with multiple drivers averaged about $30 per day per rental.

The majority of rental car owners are renters who are looking to stay in a place for longer.

Car rental companies say that they want to keep the car as a primary mode of transportation, rather than just for short trips.

However some renters say they may consider renting their car to friends and family members to help pay for a trip to the doctor or a family trip.

Rentals are also a popular option for those who want to get around quickly.

Rent cars in cities like Seattle, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, are popular destinations for car rental companies.

However they do not have many rental cars.

Rent car companies like CarRENTALS and Hertz say that there are fewer than 300 rental cars on the road today.

The last time rental car prices were this high was in the 1990s, and it is expected that this trend will continue in the coming years.

The number of cars on private roadways has decreased since the late 1980s, but car rental rates are expected to continue to increase.

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