By Kim Kyung-ho / Editor-in-Chief Published Sep 29, 2018 07:00:02 Nintendo Switch is finally here, and we’ve got our first look at a new title from Nintendo.

Cars: Cars, which launched on November 4, is now available on Nintendo’s home console.

We can already play Cars 2 on the Switch, but Nintendo says you can play Cars 3 on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller as well.

The Switch Pro controller has four controllers to play Cars, and Nintendo has also added the ability to play Carpool Karaoke on Switch Pro.

The game also comes with a new set of Mario Kart tracks, including the famous “Rival Racers” course from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

You can also play Cars on Switch, which can be used in a single match against your opponent.

Here are the details for the game on the official Nintendo website: Nintendo Switch: Cars 3 is a new game in the Cars series.

In Cars 3, players take on the role of the team leader of the racing team, taking control of their car to compete in a variety of events.

The story is set in a new, open world.

Players must complete the game’s challenges to unlock new tracks and collect new items.

Players can also race across various worlds to take down their opponents.

Nintendo says that Cars 3 will be released on November 18, and that it will cost $40.

The price will include “free game content,” as well as the “Cars 3 Season Pass,” which includes the game, a new theme song, a racing game mode, and other perks.