Mercedes-AMG CLA-class is a luxury brand that has been gaining ground in the automotive market for years now, and it’s set to get even better in 2018.

We’ve been getting a good look at the CLA-C, which was introduced this year, and we’re happy to report that it looks like Mercedes-Amg’s most powerful vehicle yet.

Read moreHere are some of the highlights of the new Mercedes-AMP CLA-c, including the car’s interior design and the features that will make it stand out from its rivals.

In terms of exterior design, Mercedes-amp CLA-classes new coupe and wagon are all different from one another, but their overall design seems to be based around a high-performance, futuristic look.

The CLA-R and CLA-V will be very similar in terms of look, with the coupe being based on the Mercedes-AMS AMG-class coupe.

This will make the two models look very similar, with a similar shape to the AMG.

The new couplers also share the same wheelbase and size, with two of them being nearly the same height, and the third being slightly taller.

While it may be similar to the Mercedes AMG, the new coupler has more room for passengers and cargo, which is a good thing for the carmakers’ business model.

The rear passengers will be able to use the rear seat for more space, and a larger trunk is also in the works.

The CLA-r also gets a new design, with more space behind the front seats, and there are more vents and vents on the front side.

The cabin of the CLA is also different from the AMGs, with larger doors, a new steering wheel, and bigger infotainment screens.

The coupler gets a larger, more spacious trunk.

The rear seats on the new CLA-Rs are actually a little smaller, so they will allow the drivers to stretch their legs a little more.

The AMGs couples also come with a rear airbag, while the new models are equipped with rear airbags.

There are also two rear air bags for the couplines, but we haven’t tested them yet.

The car will be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that will power a whopping 350 horsepower.

That’s a bit higher than the AMVs couplin, which powers 350 horsepower, but the CLA couplins will also get an optional turbocharger for the front axle.

There will also be a rear-wheel drive version of the car, which will be available in a 3.0L turbocharged version.

The engine is also equipped with a new torque vectoring system that allows the car to be steered by a magnetic field.

This new torque-vectoring system is said to help the vehicle to achieve a smoother, quieter and more powerful driving experience.

There is a six-speed manual transmission as well.

The front wheels are also connected to the transmission using a sixpiston caliper and a single-wheel stabilizer.