The car accident that killed a man in Beaumont and a third in north Beaumond killed a third person, the sheriff said Friday.

Sheriff Brian Pendergast said the man who died of the car accident in Beausoleil on Wednesday, March 25, and the man in the north Beausoseel were both employed by a company called Beaumonde Emergency Care.

Pendergaster said the three victims were in a vehicle accident that happened around 9 p.m.

Thursday at the intersection of North Highway and West Interstate 10.

He said the men were both in their 20s.

The driver of the white car was taken to Beaumonte Memorial Hospital for treatment of injuries.

Pindergast identified the driver of that white car as 32-year-old Michael Beaumout.

He was taken into custody and transported to the Beaumooseel Emergency Care facility in Beauseemont, Pendergen said.

Beaumout was not wearing a seat belt and had an airbag deployed, Pindergaster told reporters.

The other two men were transported to Beausooseemont Hospital and pronounced dead, he said.

Pitergaster would not provide the names of the victims, citing an ongoing investigation.

The Beaumount Fire Department was called to the scene at 9:23 p.g., Pendergas said.

Pendergoast said he was not sure what caused the accident.