A new kind of car parts can help save your car, says a researcher.

And if you’re like many, you’ll find that they cost little to use.

“There are a lot of ways to make a car look better,” says Michael Gervais from the Centre for Automotive Research in the US.

“One of the biggest is to paint.

You want the paint to be in good condition and be a mirror image of the original car,” he says.

“So if you buy a new, new paint, you can apply a coat of paint that you could just paint on a car’s body.

And paint can be used to coat the body, the body panel, and the wheels.”

It can be a lot cheaper to buy a paint job than to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a factory job, so the key is to make sure the paint you’re buying is actually good for your car.

That’s why the best way to save money is to buy cheap, high quality paint.

Here’s what you should look out for when it comes to buying a paintjob.

How cheap are paint jobs?

“A paint job can cost as little as $10,” says Gervans.

But if you need a big job, like an interior or exterior, you might need to pay more.

“The average price for paint jobs in the UK is about $120,” he adds.

“In the US, you’re looking at $300.

In the US the average price is around $450.”

There are also cheaper ways to paint your car than using cheap paint.

“You could paint the body of your car and you could paint parts of your body as well,” says Mr Gervays.

“That way you can get a lot more value out of a paint.

So if you paint the entire body of a car, it will look nicer.”

But you might not get the same value from a paint that has been put over the car.

“If you paint parts over the body you can save money, but you’re going to be getting less value out the paint,” says John Stapleton from the Institute of Automotive Engineering at the University of Bristol.

“I think the paint used in a factory could look pretty good but it’s just not going to look as good as it does when you’ve got your own paint.”

So to make your paint better, you need to spend money.

“And when you get a paint like this, it has to be the highest quality paint that we’ve ever had in this market,” he explains.

“We can paint cars up to a million miles [2,200km] from the factory, and that’s just a standard paint.

There’s a lot that goes into that.”

The cheapest paint is usually from Australia, though there are a few exceptions.

“They’re known as the most expensive paint in the world because the paint’s only been painted for a few years,” says Stap.

“But they’re still pretty cheap.”

And if the paint is from a factory, you won’t need to worry about buying a second job to get it.

“A lot of times, you will find it cheaper to paint the car yourself, but that paint won’t last as long,” says Dr Gervas.

“It will deteriorate over time.”

Paint your car with an Australian paintjob The first time you paint your own car, you have to go to a paint shop.

But there are lots of other ways to save on the paint that’s being used in the car, too.

“Australia is very well known for its beautiful paint,” explains Mr Gavans.

“Even though it’s not a common paint colour, the Australian people are very keen on making sure their paint is good.”

But what if you want to go for a different paint?

“You’ll need to go and buy your own, and it’ll cost you quite a bit more,” says Prof Stapletson.

“Sometimes, they’re just more expensive than the paint they’re using.”

And you’ll have to buy an Australian painted car to get the best possible value out your paint.

The paint used will last a lot longer too.

The reason is because Australia has a high level of quality paint, says Mr Stapleson.

The colour used for Australia will last for a long time, so if you’ve used the same paint for several years, it’s unlikely that the quality will degrade.

The quality will be there for the long haul, but it won’t have as much life as the paint from a European country.

But what about the cost?

Australia has many high quality car paint suppliers, but some of them are cheaper than others.

“For a car paint, Australia is probably the cheapest place to go, and then the cheapest in the whole world,” says the Institute’s Mr Stalen.

“At the other end of the spectrum, you get paint from China, which costs about $500 to $600 a kilo,” says Professor St