By Football Itlia staff It’s a classic football cliché: you want the hellcats, but if they’re not in the squad, you don’t want them to be there.

And as such, you need to ensure that your squad has enough of them.

In fact, it’s the same principle as the rules governing your footballers: you don`t want them at the game.

And this is exactly what has been happening during the Champions League, with teams who don’t have the hells to be found filling the squad with players who can’t play at all.

And when they do play, the results are usually disastrous.

In the case of Barcelona, for instance, they have fielded only three players with a combined average of less than 10.5.

The best they’ve done was to score a solitary goal in the last two matches of the competition.

And it all started with a poor performance against Milan on Monday night, when they were unable to produce a single shot on target.

In this instance, the hell-cats were deployed in the 4-3-3 formation, and it didn`t help them much.

They finished the match with just two shots on target and were punished for their poor defensive performance, as Barcelona went on to lose to Monaco.

That was only the beginning, as the players who didn`re there also suffered a heavy blow in the form of a yellow card for their captain, Neymar.

And now we know why Barcelona don`s so often seem to play without their most dangerous players.

It has to do with a lack of firepower.

The most powerful side of the Barcelona team was able to score the first two goals, but that was all in the first half of the match.

The team struggled to create enough chances to create any real momentum in the match, and they failed to even threaten with their attacks.

Their only goal of the game came from a cross from Sergio Busquets, but it was just one of the many flops they faced.

It was just a one-off, but the disappointment in the defeat was clear and the fans felt the pain.

When you can’t score goals, you can`t win games.

There were moments when they could have put the game beyond them, but in the end it all came down to a tired defence and an inability to break down opponents.

The lack of quality in the starting eleven was obvious from the outset.

In order to make it to the final against Atletico Madrid, Barca needed a goal or two.

They got one, but only when they had to play a more organised style, like Barcelona did against Atalanta.

It wasn`t the first time the Barca forwards had been punished by their defenders, as they struggled to cope with the pace of Atalante’s play.

But the problem wasn`ts more fundamental than that, as it was the same issue that was plaguing the Barcelona attacking line.

Atalantas first goal came from an excellent through ball from Jordi Alba, who had the ball in his own half.

With his pace, he was able for his defender to lose track of him, and he took the ball back and sent it to a forward who was on the move.

This is exactly the type of play that Barcelona players don`ve struggled with all season.

He is a quick, mobile attacker who likes to attack from distance.

However, he is also prone to making errors, which means he is often caught offside and not scoring goals.

He can get forward too easily, and this causes problems for Barcelona`s attacking line, who has been struggling to get forward in the final third.

In that case, he has to be careful when he goes forward.

That means his partner is going to have to be able to pick up the ball and run into space, which can be a problem for the defence.

Barcelona are also missing a lot of their best attacking players, and that means the lack of pace is costing them dearly.

They have been unable to get out of their own half, and when they have, they are unable to create anything meaningful.

They also failed to create many chances.

There was only one chance in the game for Jordi when he was called into action, but his effort just fell flat.

His next chance came when he drifted into the area, but he wasn` t able to find an open teammate.

His last opportunity came when, at the other end, he had a great opportunity to score.

In between those two, the ball was played to a striker, who tried to play it to Alba.

Unfortunately for him, the defender was too far away and he just couldn`t find the space to find the net.

That meant the ball went straight to Alvaro Negredo, who scored the second goal of his Barca career.

He was able because he had been playing centrally for the whole match, which made it difficult for his team-mates to