The career quiz that can be the difference between getting a good job and getting on the road to retirement is now available for everyone in Melbourne and the ACT.

The online service, called Career Quiz, is part of the Australian Institute of Health and Medical Research’s online careers portal.

Here’s how to apply.

What you need to know about the Career Quizz application (Audio): The Career Quidds website offers more than 50 career quizzes from leading organisations across the health and education sectors.

The quizzes are designed to give you an insight into the skills and qualifications you might need to be successful in the job market.

They can be a good way to learn about the field and to find out about careers and job opportunities.

Here are some of the quizzes: 1.

Medical, nursing and allied health – this quiz is designed to assess your knowledge of medical, nursing, allied health and healthcare topics.


Work, work and family – this is an assessment of your skills, interests and responsibilities in your job as a family and work manager.


Work and family and personal life – this can be about your family and your work in the community.


Financial planning and planning – this quizzes can be useful to learn how to think about managing your money in the future.


Financial management – this question is designed for people looking to plan their financial future and how to manage their money.


Home and community – this questions is designed as an assessment about your current and future needs in the home and community.


Home care – this asks about your personal relationships and family relationships.


Healthcare and personal care – is this your area of expertise or is this a part of your job?


Health and safety – this provides an overview of workplace safety, health and social care, workplace safety and workplace environment.


Social and community wellbeing – this allows you to answer a question about your overall health and wellbeing.


Social support and support – this answers a question relating to your social and community support.


Financial and personal finance – this helps you understand how your personal finances are going and how they are working.


Career development and employment – this lets you answer questions about your career options.


Personal development and work life balance – this enquiry focuses on personal and work-life balance.


Personal and professional development – this inquiry focuses at what level of your career do you think you are progressing in?


Career opportunities and job search – this gives you information about career opportunities and jobs in the health, education and social services sectors.


Job seeker profile – this offers more information about you, including what job and job type you are interested in.

How to apply: For more information, visit

The Careerquiz application is available on the Health Care Care and Social Services website.

It is also available on LinkedIn.