On Wednesday, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said it was investigating complaints about the electric cars and charging stations being installed in Australian homes.

It is investigating a number of charging stations and car parks in Canberra and Sydney and has contacted owners who are concerned.

The commission is also investigating a charging station in Brisbane.

“The Commission is aware of a number [of] complaints concerning charging stations that are being installed at public housing developments in Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney,” the ACCC said in a statement.

“We are liaising with owners of public housing and have contacted the local authorities to ensure they are complying with the regulations.”

ACCC spokeswoman Catherine MacKinnon said charging stations in Canberra were already required to be electric, but the commission was “concerned” about what was happening at the stations in Sydney.

“These charging stations are in public housing, so they’re not being provided with the required equipment and the charging station operators have been given an opportunity to correct this,” she said.

ACC’s investigations have not found evidence that charging stations have been damaged or disabled.

Ms MacKimmern said it appeared that the charging stations had been installed in a way that was not consistent with regulations, and that they were not meeting the requirements of the regulations.

A spokesperson for the NSW Electricity Network, which regulates the electricity network, said the NSW Energy Minister was working with the ACCCC on the issue.

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