COTA, Texas—Every year, thousands of cars are purchased by thousands of drivers.

Every year, tens of thousands of customers use those cars in some form.

Every now and then, they’re not used at all.

In that sense, every year is an annual cycle of life and death.

The average car sells for about $50,000, and some are even worth as much as $500,000.

And that’s just the average.

Every vehicle sold this year has a price tag.

It’s not an arbitrary number.

It is a number.

And, as we’ll see in this article, the average price tag is just a snapshot.

But if we break down the data by car, the numbers start to get even more interesting.

The data below comes from the Automotive Industry Association’s 2017 Car Market Report, which covers vehicles sold in North America.

For 2017, COTA’s average car was $55,898, and the average seller paid $51,981.

But even though that average was more than double the average for the previous five years, that doesn’t mean that 2017’s average price is exactly $55.8 million.

That’s the average of all the cars sold this time.

The total number of cars sold in 2017 was more like 9,097,854, so we’ll divide that number by the number of total cars sold to get the average number of sales per year.

(To get the actual total number, just multiply the number you get by the average total number.)

That number is 8,957,903.

That number gives us an average annual cost of $53,064.

(That’s the difference between the average cost of a car sold this season and the last five years.)

That’s a bit lower than the $54,942 average cost for last year.

But that doesn’ t mean that there’s not a significant difference between last year and 2017.

In fact, in many ways last year was the lowest-priced year for any of the cars in the COTA database.

Last year was one of the most expensive years in the history of COTA.

In 2016, the cars were sold for $62,858.

In 2017, they were sold at $58,856.

That means the average average cost per car sold was $53.8, which is $6,719 less than last year’s average.

(We’ll see how this number breaks down over time.)

The average price for 2017 was $54.4 million.

And just how low was the average car sold for this year?

The average seller cost $46,902.

This means the buyer spent $40,849.

That makes the average COTA car sell for $52,941.

But here’s where things get interesting.

In many cases, the buyer paid less than the sticker price.

In some cases, they paid less money than the car was worth.

So the average value of the car sold last year is less than $52.4.

That would mean the buyer got $46.9 million in total for a car that’s now worth just over $52 million.

(It’s worth noting that, on average, the price per vehicle sold is higher than the average costs for cars sold for every year since 2007.)

The number of COTas cars sold last season was just over 4,600, which would make it the highest-selling year for a vehicle in the organization’s history.

But the number sold for that year was still more than 1,500, which means that the average owner spent just under $6 million.

The number for the year was just under 2,700, which could make it an even lower-priced car for the buyer.

So in 2018, the COTa cars will be selling for an average of $50.9 and the total cost per year is only about $5,600.

That is a lot less than previous years, and it could mean that the current average car is worth less than it was five years ago.

Here’s why.

The current average price per car is about the same as the price a buyer paid in 2015.

The previous year, the car price was over $60,000 for all vehicles sold.

That year, COTac was sold for just under the sticker-price average of the previous year.

So there’s a significant increase in the price paid this year.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that COTA is making more money than it’s making this year, though.

The typical cost of Cota vehicles is lower than it has been in more than a decade.

The COTavans average cost this year is almost $8,000 less than in 2018.

So that means COTA could be selling more cars than it does now, but that’s a very small fraction of its total sales.

What the average buyers price of a COTA vehicle is in 2018 is actually