A new technology that can recharge a car’s battery is expected to make it cheaper for many Americans to buy new cars and trucks.

The battery technology, known as a “cellular charger,” is being touted by the electric carmaker Tesla and is gaining traction with consumers in part because of the cost of batteries.

But it is also being touted as a cheaper way to recharge a vehicle’s battery, particularly since the technology is being developed by an electric vehicle maker.

“We’re very excited about the potential of cellular charging,” Tesla said in a statement.

“Cellular charging is one of the many promising technologies that Tesla is working on that will have significant benefits for electric vehicles.”

It’s a battery technology that is being hailed by electric car makers as a breakthrough and a way to reduce costs for consumers.

It’s also proving a headache for carmakers, whose vehicles are supposed to be charged via a network of battery cells.

Tesla is also working on a battery pack that can hold up to 10,000 times the capacity of its lithium-ion battery cells and is expected soon to unveil a new, larger, battery.

But the batteries used in Tesla’s cars have proven to be quite expensive and often don’t last very long.

Tesla’s battery charger has been a source of frustration for car manufacturers, and a number of them have started using them to charge their vehicles, according to CNNMoney.

For example, Ford recently announced it will offer a “powertrain upgrade” that will allow a Ford Fusion to charge in the evening and be ready to go when the sun sets.

The Tesla battery is being billed as a cheap way to charge your car and get rid of your old batteries, even though it may not work as well as the technology Tesla is touting.

“Our goal with Tesla battery chargers is to offer a more flexible and economical way for consumers to charge all their vehicles with one device,” Tesla spokeswoman Katie Cagle told CNNMoney in a written statement.

Tesla said it was “optimizing the battery technology to allow for the largest capacity of the cells to be delivered to the vehicle.”

It is also possible that a car charger could be a boon for people who have recently lost a car or have used their car as a makeshift generator to power a small power station.

Tesla said the new battery is designed to be portable and easy to carry in the car, and can be used to charge up to 5,000 to 10.1kWh of battery capacity.

It has also been touted as cheaper for the companies that produce it.

Tesla, which also makes its own batteries, said in its statement that the battery “is designed to provide up to 1.5 times the power of a traditional battery.”

“It’s the perfect size for portable charging, and with the right battery, it’s one of our most popular products,” Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, told CNBC in March.

“The company is also introducing new features that will make it even more efficient.”

Cagle said Tesla is using the technology to reduce the cost for people to buy electric vehicles.

“The new battery charger is more economical than the current generation and allows us to bring down the cost to consumers, reducing the amount of time they spend on the road,” she said.

“It is a battery that has been proven to deliver up to 3,000 charges per charge.”