In 2018, the American Automobile Association released a report called “The Road to Success: Unlocking Your Career Builder Potential”.

This was a list of the 10,000 most promising people to work for, according to their potential, potential salary and their industry.

The authors identified “the most promising” of these, which included a range of different types of people: engineers, product designers, artists, marketers, accountants, and salespeople.

Here are the results: 1.

Engineers and product designers.

These are the types of engineers and product designers that the American Auto Association wants to work with.

A good engineer is someone who can quickly solve problems, write good code, and code well.

A great designer can create a great product, but that is not enough.

A designer needs to know the ins and outs of the design process, know the technicalities of the technology, and be able to communicate well with the technical team.

Engineers have a knack for building software that can scale well.

They’re able to design things quickly and deliver on time.



Artists are creative people who create things, and they can build their careers in the fields of architecture, design, or advertising.

Artists can work in different fields, from fashion to design to film.

But most artists will also work in advertising.


Accountants and sales people.

These types of accountants and accountants are the people who understand the intricacies of financial planning, accounting, and finance.

They can help you determine what’s important to you in your life, and understand what’s going to make you money.

And they are also the people that are going to want to buy the most expensive cars in your lifetime.



Sales people are the kinds of people that work in the fast-paced, fast-moving world of advertising and finance, but they are most successful when they are doing their best.

They are always looking for the next big deal, and are constantly learning and growing as they work their way up the ladder.



Engineers are the kind of people who love to work on new technology.

Engineers know the importance of building software to solve problems and deliver fast.

Engineers can quickly build a product and build a business, but also they can also build a great company that makes an impact.



Artists make things, artists love to make things.

They love to create something beautiful.

But they also love to share it with the world.

These people will make great employees.


Media people.

Media, television, radio, and the Internet are the key platforms for storytelling.

These stories, in turn, have an impact on how the world views our world.

And these people will help us understand the world better, how we live our lives, and how we think about our world, too.


Business people.

Businesspeople are the ones who take on the challenges of making money, and doing it right.

Businesses are big businesses, so they have the ability to hire and fire talent, and to spend money to make the most out of that talent.



Designing is the art of creating things, not just of building them.

Design, however, can be a tough skill to master.

Design is about thinking about the way you want your product to look and feel, and then trying to figure out how that look and feeling is going to work in your business.



Marketing is about how to make people want to come to your website, your Facebook page, or your blog and spend money on your products.

These kinds of marketing are great at reaching the people you want to target.

They also work well at getting more people to buy your products or services.

These professions are the jobs that are likely to lead to your career in the future.

It’s a big career builder.

And it will lead to the things that you want in life.

Posted by Scott Miller at 3:11 PM