You can get a new car for about half the cost of a used one, with an option to buy back your old one at a discounted rate.

Here’s how.

Read more: — The Indian Express (@theindianexpress) August 8, 2018The idea behind the program is to reduce the time spent on repairs and repairs for long-term problems.

It’s not the only option available, but it’s a popular one.

The government says it has received nearly 1.4 billion applications for new cars over the past five years.

The government says the program helps people get back to work more quickly by helping them to save on rent and maintenance costs.

“Our car rental program helps the citizens of India to save money and invest in the new cars they want,” Rajendra Kumar, secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, told Reuters.

It was launched in December 2018 and the first phase was expected to cover about 5,000 vehicles by 2021.

The idea of the program came from the government’s efforts to boost the economy.

The economy grew at 7.7% in the first quarter of 2019 and the government hopes to keep the pace going this year.