Apple is working on an innovative new Apple Watch model that could become more powerful by taking advantage of some of its most powerful chips, but it is also looking at how it can make Apple’s newest smartwatch even more powerful.

The Cupertino, California-based company is exploring how it could expand the Apple watch’s capabilities beyond the capabilities of its latest model, the $349 Apple Watch Series 3, which it unveiled at its September 11 event.

AppleInsider’s report suggests the company is working with a team of engineers to develop a watch that would use a number of new technologies that could enable Apple to expand the functionality of the Apple wearable, including a processor that would take advantage of new high-speed memory, new batteries, a new chip for the display and the addition of a larger battery.

The company is also working on a new watchband that could make Apple watch more powerful, according to the report, which does not mention any details on the rumored watchband.

Apple will launch its new smartwatch in the coming months, but the company has yet to reveal any details about the new model.

The rumored watch band could be a new AppleWatch, which would have the same features as the first Apple Watch, which debuted in September 2014 and went on sale in October.

The new model is believed to be based on the Series 3 and would have a much smaller bezel, as well as a larger screen.

The report also suggests Apple is investigating how to make the new watch even more useful by using technology that it previously developed for the AppleWatch.

Apple already has been working on new features for the watch that it has used for more than a decade.