Graco has confirmed it is in talks with the US authorities over alleged misuse of a car seat that can cause serious injury to children.

The car seat manufacturer has confirmed to The Lad that it has reached an agreement with US authorities in regards to the safety of its Car Seat Cover (CAR) device.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said on Saturday that it was investigating a report that the Graco car seats could be used to prevent children from breathing in.

The CPSC has asked Graco to provide details of the alleged misuse and is also investigating the manufacturer over its handling of a second report.

Graco’s US parent company, CarMax, said in a statement on Sunday that it would cooperate with the CPSC and was confident the safety concerns were addressed.

“The safety of our customers and the safety and wellbeing of our employees is our number one priority,” it said.

“We look forward to working with the authorities and reviewing all of the facts in order to provide answers and ensure Graco continues to be a trusted name in the automotive industry.”

Graco has been criticised for its safety record, with more than 100 fatalities reported to the CPSI since 2005.

The company’s parent company also said it was working to find an appropriate replacement for the car seat.

“Graco understands that there is a high degree of concern about the safety issue surrounding the Car Seat Controllers, and the manufacturer has committed to taking steps to improve the safety situation,” it added.

“We will also be consulting with Graco and the CPSCI in an effort to ensure Graceto continues to offer our customers the safest car seat on the market.”