Expedia is reportedly looking to hire 10,000 more pets to serve as a fleet of taxis for its travel service, Expedia CarRental, according to The Hill. 

The service is currently only available in Europe, but Expedia expects to add more regions as it grows.

Expedia has already said that the new pets will be available for use on the network’s cars, so it’s likely that this move will expand to other continents.

Expedia CEO Brian Chesky previously said that Expedia was working on the pet travel feature for a number of years, but he wasn’t specific about how many pets would be needed to help meet the company’s growing needs.

The pet travel business was acquired by Google in 2014 for $970 million, and Chesky left the company in May 2018. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Expadget was the first media outlet to report on the hiring plans for Expedia’s pet travel platform, and the publication said the company has now hired up to 20 employees. 

“We are excited to announce we are hiring an additional 20 to 30 employees to help our travel partners deliver their services to Expedia customers,” Chesky said in a statement to the Journal. 

Chesky told The Hill that the hiring of the additional staff would be limited to those who currently work at Expedia.

“We are hiring a small percentage of our team to work on this, but we have already hired an additional 10 people in the past week,” he said. 

Expedia Car Rental, which offers car rentals for pets, includes a number other pet-friendly features, including a pet-proof zone, pet-safe areas, pet storage, and pet-tracking technology.

Expadges CarRentals pet travel services currently includes the Pet Travel Program, Expired Pets, Pet-Safe Car Rides, and Pet-Friendly Car Riders.