Daddy Daycare: How a car rental company can take advantage of a vulnerable market article Dad Day Care says it is expanding its services in Florida after losing hundreds of customers to competition in recent years.

The company says it has doubled its fleet of flying cars to 500, and it has opened a new business in Tampa, a city that is not only home to the state’s largest day care center but also the nation’s second largest hotwire car-rental company.

“Daddy Daycare’s commitment to safety and quality of life for children is second to none,” said Michelle Schumacher, CEO of Daddy DayCare.

“We’re here to help parents take the next step in ensuring their children are safe and in their own homes.”

In 2016, Daddy Day is one of the largest day-care providers in Florida, and Daddy Day says it’s seeing an uptick in car-pooling requests.

The day care chain is partnering with local companies and local day-cares to bring cars to its Tampa offices and has expanded its fleet to 250 flying cars, said Schumachers co-founder and CEO Joe D. Gorman.

Gorman said the company is seeing a big increase in demand.

“We’re seeing parents with young children coming in, and we’ve also seen parents who don’t have young children come in and we’re seeing families with small children,” he said.

“So we’ve been very fortunate to see a huge uptick in interest from parents who are interested in flying cars.”

Gorman added that there is no shortage of car-share programs available in Florida.

“There are literally hundreds of companies that offer cars for rent in Florida,” he explained.

“The best thing about our business is that we’re able to bring our cars here and we can pick them up from a hotel parking lot and we’ll take them to a local hotel and then they’ll be delivered to our facility.”

The company said it is also expanding its fleet and hiring more drivers to help meet growing demand.

It said it has hired more than 50 drivers over the past two years.

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