There are some cars that need a little more help from the outside world, and you can do it in a variety of ways.

Here’s a list of vehicles that are equipped with a few window replacement options.

If you need to remove or replace your windows, here’s how to do it:Remove your window(s) from the body using the car window removal tool.

The window will be held in place by a special adhesive.

Place the window on a table or a bench, then tilt the window up and down.

If the adhesive is sticking to the glass, use a small flathead screwdriver to push it out.

Alternatively, you can place a piece of plastic sheeting over the window and slide it under the adhesive, then peel the plastic sheet off.

This can be done using the small flatheads.

Remove the window(es) from their frames.

For a newer car, the window will likely have an integrated latch that opens and closes automatically with a push of the button.

Use a small screwdriver or screwdriver blade to remove the latch.

Once you’ve removed the latch, remove the frame and window frame.

Depending on the model, you’ll need to lift the frame off and remove the glass.

If you can’t lift the window frame, the frame may be attached to the frame of the car, which can be removed using the screws on the frame.

Remove all of the glass from the window.

With the frame out of the way, the glass can be cleaned with the car glass cleaner.

If the glass is dirty, it can be treated with an alcohol-based liquid to remove any oil or dirt.

To clean the glass:Spray a clean rag or rag soaked in water on the glass and then rinse thoroughly with a clean cloth.

Spray the glass with the alcohol-containing liquid.

Use a small piece of glass to gently clean the edge of the frame or glass from inside out.

This is where you can check for any signs of oil or debris.

Clean the window from the frame as you would any other part of the vehicle.

You’ll want to be sure to clean all of these areas and any loose glass with a rag, so you don’t scratch any surfaces.

The window is usually free of oil residue.