Cars are notorious for having a notoriously high number of broken windows.

A few months ago, a man named Chris Fink came across the internet and posted a video on YouTube detailing how to repair a broken window with a car ramp.

As it turns out, there’s a way to repair car windows without breaking them.

The video was viewed more than 10 million times and helped the man and his wife make a decision on whether to sell their house.

“It was really hard for me because I thought my house was in a good place,” Chris Finks said.

Fink, who has owned a business in Florida for nearly 10 years, said he got tired of driving his car and decided to build a ramp.

“I’ve had some really good luck with the car ramps in the past and it was like, ‘I’ll take a chance,'” he said.

“It’s really, really easy.”

Chris Fink built his car ramp on the back of his pickup truck.

He said he had a lot of trouble finding a good manufacturer because he couldn’t find a ramp that worked with his pickup.

After he built his ramp, he realized he could get a lot more work done with it than he would with a normal window.

That’s when he realized a few things.

First, the ramp is extremely durable.

Second, if you put the ramp in the back seat of a pickup, it’s extremely stable.

Third, it allows you to install window stickers on the sides of the car ramp without removing the windows themselves.

For the price of a regular window, Fink said, you can install window sticker strips, and the ramp can be used in a wide variety of situations.

“There’s a lot I learned with the ramp,” he said, “but there’s also a lot that I learned from not doing it.”

The ramp is made from wood, with a hole punched in the bottom to accommodate the ramps wheels.

Fink used a drill to drill a small hole in the wood and then drilled two holes for the tires, which he attached to the bottom of the ramp.

The bottom of Fink’s ramp has the window stickers, which Fink says are extremely useful in certain situations.

But Fink also said he’s noticed a few issues with the ramps.

“My wife and I didn’t like that the ramp wasn’t straight, and it didn’t look as smooth,” he explained.

“We also don’t like it when the windows are sliding back and forth.”

Fink said he used a few different materials to make the ramp, and he’s since found a manufacturer that will produce a ramp with a standard height window.

“We got a couple other parts for it, but I’m sure they’ll be the same as what I got,” he added.

“So if I need to replace a window, I just replace it myself.”

In an attempt to get people to stop using car ramps, Finks is planning to put up signs around the neighborhood reminding people to remove the ramps and replace them with the new ramp.

“I think people want to know that we can fix a window on the front and they’re not going to get hurt,” he noted.