You don’t have to get a new vehicle when you want one.

A $50 savings card can save your rent, car payments and gas costs in most major cities.

The promo, which expires June 10, comes with no annual fee and offers savings of up to $50 off the monthly cost of a new Mercedes-Benz S550E.

It’s the latest effort by the popular luxury car rental site to offer discounts to lure in new customers.

Some of the latest deals include a 50% off lease for new luxury cars, a 20% discount on new vehicles, and an additional 20% off on any new car you rent.

The promotion will also allow you to reserve your own car, free of charge.

There are no restrictions on the number of vehicles you can reserve and you can also use the promo to reserve new vehicles.

It will cost you $500 for a new lease, and $350 for any rental car, per month.

Here’s how to sign up for the $500 bonus: 1.

Go to

You can also sign up by calling 1-800-838-0852.


Select your city and then select the desired rental car.


After you enter your credit card info, you will receive an email.

You’ll then receive a confirmation email.


If you don’t want to pay the $50 deposit, you can cancel the promo, and you’ll receive a $50 credit for your deposit.


You must use the $150 credit to reserve the new car, which will need to be a new S550.


When you complete your purchase, the promo will expire and you will not receive the $250 bonus you originally received.

You won’t be able to reserve another car until the promo expires.

The company does not offer an expiration date on the promo.

The promo also does not cover the monthly rental cost of the new Mercedes, and some cars in the $60,000 range cost up to twice as much.

Here are some other deals to get you started: