A luxury car rental company is offering a $15 million emergency response budget car for the federal emergency response.

The Caravan Car Care company, which operates in Saskatchewan, is offering an emergency response vehicle for $15.5 million to respond to an array of emergencies and emergencies situations that may require the use of public transportation.

“This is a vehicle for emergency response that we will be using as we see the need for it,” said Brian McLeod, president of Caravan.

“It is a great vehicle for us to provide that level of service.”

McLeod said the company plans to have a fleet of the vehicle on the road within the next five years.

The company says it’s not the first to offer a luxury car for emergency responders.

In January, Canadian Tire bought a rental car for $16,000 to use during the Canada Day fireworks celebrations in Halifax.

The rental vehicle was purchased by the RCMP for $8,000 and is expected to be operational within six weeks.

The RCMP and RCMP-led Emergency Services Canada have been using vehicles like the rental car since the 1950s.

McLeod says the Caravan car is being used in an emergency for a variety of reasons.

It’s a great way to transport an emergency, including critical first responders, to the closest hospital or emergency facility.

The car is also a good way to ensure critical equipment is available for critical situations.

It is also an efficient way to get from point A to point B,” he said.

The new Caravan is the latest in a string of expensive luxury cars that are being purchased in Canada.

In March, the Saskatchewan government bought a $2.8 million Cadillac Escalade for emergency vehicles.

It was later purchased by a private company for $7.9 million.

In November, the federal government bought an $8.4 million vehicle for use during a hurricane in Newfoundland.

It was later bought by a privately owned company for a further $5.8, the CBC News Network reported.

The Saskatchewan government purchased the Cadillac Escale to be used during a Hurricane Harvey emergency response to ensure the province was prepared.